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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcoming the Ox!

Dear Bloggers,

Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year. 

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone

Hope the new year bring peace, love & health, as well as financial security and wellbeing for all of us. 

Tomorow my family & I will be going up to Kudat. Another holiday for us and I am supposed to do my packing and here I am sitting in front of the pc ....blogging!

OK lah signing off now .......


Friday, January 9, 2009

Funny Videos!

Very funny videos!

Do not send this song to your loved ones during Valentine's Day .......

During CNY ...........(Another 2 more weeks...yayy!!)

Funny or not lehh? They are called Muttons at Midnight from Singapore 98.7 FM . Ever heard of them?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope it's not too late to wish you. So how was your New Year celebration? We went to visit dh's Filipino friend & had leechun & Leche Flan,they also have this candy they call "tobleron".. hope I got it right.And geezz .. 1 big leechun was gone within 30 mins! A lot of hungry people ehh...After dinner wanted to go round KK and see fireworks. But the kids were asleep in the car so we decided to go back home. And when we reached home the kids are wide awake again ...sigh.

Today is my first day back to work. Instead of checking my IN tray.. I am blogging! I am still in my holiday mood ... I am now counting the days to CNY hols. And ohh ..we have already booked a place to stay this CNY! Goshhh ..already planning for CNY ehh? The Mosinoh's plan to have a family outing this holiday ..Yipee!! It's been a while we didn't have any outing actually ...

Phoebe will start her kindergarten on the 7th Jan. So she's excited about going to the "big school". Hopefully she is ok ....*cross finger*

Anyway, do you have a New Year Resolution? Hmmm ..Mine is very simple ...

1) Hair Style : Short - for the rest of the year...(Same goes to Phoebe ..nyehh ehhh ehhh)
2) Will ask dh to go for thoroughly medical check-up. If he insists not to go ... well, we see abt that...hehe
3) To have a healthy life ...

Yes .. that's all! Simple right?

Ok I think I better get back to work now .... It's already 10am! Gosh....

Note : Leechun = Filipino BBQ Pork , Leche Flan = Caramel