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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random pics of us during last weekend

Having dinner @ Secret Recipe 1Borneo

Wyatt & Mum

Busy eating ..

With Aunty Wen

Hmmmm ...

Phoebe looking at the cake menu ..

Lil' Wyatt

awwww ...

All about foodsssss
stop drooling !! hehe

My fav!

No More Yoga for Christian??

Okie , this thing have been around for a few days, but never bother about it anyway until............

I read today's newspaper, Daily Express

According to it, George Thien, Sacred Heart Cathedral Youth counsellor said that it is not difficult to understand the reason why Fatwa is banning Muslims on yoga, because it involve mantra (chants) and the concept of oneness with God which are based on Hindu beliefs and, thus, deviate the faith of Muslim.

And as Tun M said " It is not as if by performing Yoga you immediately become a non-Muslim" or should I say U will become a Hindu!

Sigh ............... sigh ...................sigh ..........................sigh...............................

Understood! If its with the Chanting & meditation of course its haram kan, but what if its only involve exercises & stretching? So Wendy is a devoted Hindu now because she went to Yoga class every week? sigh.........This has now becoming a religious issue.

And now the Catholics also not in favour of yoga?sigh .......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Arrrrgghhhh ... tension!!!

Was trying to upload some photos taken during the weekends last nite, but streamyx (like usual) was so darn slow like siput!!! It takes ages to upload just 1 photo!!!!!!! So will upload the photos once the line is ok & when I'm free ....*sigh*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Discount or Discounted?

Discount or Discounted? Is that word a present tense or past tense? Hmmm ...

Last Saturday went to 1Borneo with the family. So we drop by at one of the shop there. At the shop entrance we saw a poster like this....

Off-Season Sale (Normal Font)
60% Discount (Bold & very big font)
Only for selected items (very small font....hmmm catchy eh?)

Since we saw the big 6 - 0 we were so thrilled to check out the things there....

So after few minutes browsing Wen finally saw 1 very cute knee-length pant. So we calculated the price after the 60% and it’s considered very cheap! So Wen decided to try it out and it fits perfectly on her so she decided to buy it! Actually she ask me to buy it too...(haha nanti jadi uniform lah pulak kan... hehe)

And what really surprise us is ................

The sales assistant tells her that the price on the tag "is the price after discount"!!!!!! And that pants is actually NOT on 60% discount ...only have 40% discount, and that is the final price on the tag.

I was really shocked. Off course mah kan.. because when we went into the store only 1 rack has that notice on it saying with 60% discount! So of course automatically u will think that whatever on that rack is on sale, right? Actually Hubby did ask which of the items that are on sale and the guy was pointing at the rack nearer to us and the one behind us! The funny thing is now he said the pant is only 40% discount???? and the price is already discounted??? WTF man??? Why do you have to put up a notice that you are having a sale and yet the price on the tag is already discounted??? And now you have 40% Discount as well??? And which item that is really on 60% discount??? My gawddddddd!!!!! Totally misleading!!And cheating too! They shouldn't put the price after discount mah kan .. they should put the before and after! aiyoohhhh ....

Poor Wen, I know she really like the pant.

Anyway, talking about all this sales & discounts item .. now I doubt it whether they do applied a valid license for their sales campaign. Because as far as I know (my previous company) it's not easy to get a license for you to do a Cheap Sale or Year End Sales. And you cannot even do sales like 10 times in a year??And when you fill up the form you must write the purpose of your sales, whether it's a year end sales, clearance stock or etc. Hmmm I wonder whether all this shops doing sales got license or not ..or they just simply stick a note outside their premise saying buy buyyyyy!! Cheap Saleeessss!!!!

Anyway, the pant was hot! I love it too! But for a knee length pants that cost around $394 before discount and after discount of 40% is $236.40 ... I don’t think it’s worth it.

So be extra careful with the discount thingy, dh always reminds me that .......

And to those shop owners, please make sure that your label is not misleading to the customer... It is very frustrating and annoying you know.......

Friday, November 14, 2008

LaZy ...LAZY ....lazy......L@zY!

Lazy ... Yes that is one word that can describe me now! I am so lazy to update this blog! haha..Anyway, Im busy with so many things at home that's why I don't have time to update my blog ....

This morning went to St Francis Convent to registered Phoebe for her next year kindergarten school. And I was a bit shocked to find out that nowadays school fee are very expensive,*sigh*. Hubby & I are still trying to figure out how to send/fetch her before & after school. If not, I might have to drive every day to work to send & fetch the kids! duhhh .. I hate driving in KK with all those uneducated drivers! Who likes to park anywhere & jump Q! suka makan jalan lagi! So friends, if you happen to see me on the road next time, please forgive me if I don't wave back at you because some of the road users really drives me crazy!!!! *sigh*

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to attend Phoebe's Mini Concert & Graduation Day at Bukit Padang. She is very excited as she will be performing in the sumazau dance ...Hopefully this year she won't have the stage fright again like last year ... **cross finger**, even her teacher said hopefully she will be able to go up the stage this year..( she skip her performance last year ..hehe) Well, hopefully everything went well tomorrow....

And ya ..tomorrow BIL & Wife will be coming ...soooo its time for window shopping! But alamak .. haven't clean the house yet ...

Oklah got-to-go & will post Phoebe's concert photo soon!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are 6 yo!

Mr & Mrs A.Mosinoh

It's our 6th year wedding anniversary today, and also dh birthday!

Yesterday went to watch movie (Madagascar 2) with the kids, but too bad Wyatt didn't like the noise so hubby have to bring him out from the cinema.

Today went to have brunch in our fav. rest and headed to 1Borneo. Hubby bought me a new electric oven for the anniversary present... So now it's time to show my baking skill..(if got skill lah... ! Lol!)