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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed but not forgotten

Visit to Tambunan wouldn't be the same again.  We have just seen Phoebe & Isaac's great-grandmother being buried this afternoon.  

It was a perfect weather today; it was sunny, with a bit of breeze in the afternoon.  The neighbours were very helpful in setting things into motion.  MIL looked tired, however with everyone around, she had less to worry on the arrangement.  There were so many relatives & friends visiting, that yours-truly tend to stay in the shadow, observing the crowds exchanging greetings, children running around (especially phoebe), food being prepared and cooked; Uncle Eric writing up his Eulogy; cousins, aunties / uncles, nephew / nieces, all came to pay their last respect.

The last time we saw her was last Christmas.  She was still actively moving around, less chatty but full of smile.  The kids loved being around her, amused by her very elderly action, they would immitate her.  I still can remember when Isaac just started to walk, he would posed just like her, walking with his hands at his back while walking a bit slanting forwards.

I have less memory of her for I only knew her for a short time, and most of our encountered was a brief exchange of a smile.  

One thing I do know for sure, she did make everyone happy with her presence.  She is now with one of her children, looking from above, observing those who would remain here, running their daily errands.

On the way back to KK, I still can recall the faces of family & friends praying for her soul.  Yes, she will be missed, but not forgotten.

If all thing goes well this coming few days, we might be in Tambunan this coming Saturday for the 7th day prayers.

Till then, keep reading.  


To My Grandmother ....

9th Dec 1924 - 13th Feb 09

Today is the day of your funeral,
We do not gathered here to mourn your death
But to celebrate your new life
A new life without any pain but only joy from Him
I pray to God that we will meet again.
Your death was a shock, but we all were expecting
a call one day, saying you had died.
We got that call three days ago.
When I answered the phone, I could feel something
was wrong.
It was Daddy.
He said we need to come home, because you had passed
As days passed, I got used to your not being here.
We all love you and miss you so much.
I Love You Nenek ......

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!!

Friday the Thirteenth .. So? What so special about it?

They said its the day to avoid because its the day of bad luck. (*Laughing*)

Yeah I never even believe that, UNTIL ......



Its because I was caught asleep in the office during office hour by my BOSS!!! Actually it was only a short nap okay. Don't trust me? Ask my colleague .. I never fell asleep during office hour (except for lunch time ~ normal lah bah that kan) and shittttt!!! he was there in front of my face calling my name!!GILAAAAA ...

So am I one of the unlucky fellow???? Duhhhhhh ....(*shake head*)

No Friday the Thirteenth is a lucky day! Except that I am not wearing my lucky santut today ...was reserving it for V day actually ....*HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA** 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spread this Film

Interesting short commercial from Yasmin the Storyteller ....

Click here for the full story ....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our holiday in Kudat

Click here to read the stories .....

Ok, I am soo lazy to update my blog at the moment, and I have a good reason for that! hehe ...

So when I have the mood or the time to blog, will update again.......hopefully *sigh*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture of the day!

Pic of the Kids taken during our CNY hols to Kudat

Click to enlarge. Not sure what went wrong, the picture seems to be "small" ... *sigh*

That's for today , will update more later!