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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The lazy me ...

Wow! It's already March. Obviously there is no update here ....  *sigh* I was quite busy lately with few things ...  

cartoon from

cartoon from

I have just finish doing my laundry and how I wish for a dryer since it has been raining almost every evening  ..*sigh*

Ok signing off now since I have no idea what to blog ....

cartoon from

ermmm ..actually I do, I have lots of the kids pics (taken last year, last month, our last hols and ....the list cont.) to be edited and posted here and my FB, but I let dh do that for me (If he has the time & mood to do so ..) teeheeheee :))

And its time for me to catch up with my girlfriends too! 

Ok Off to bed now ... (if I can sleep tonight since Phoebe has been vomiting since this evening ..)

TBC ................ haha