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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's do some survey ...

Your Spelling is Good
You got 9/10 correct.

Your spelling is generally pretty decent. You are prone to a few mistakes, but the mistakes you make are pretty forgivable.

Monday, April 28, 2008


R U addicted to BAD?
I am .. so does my daughter ..... and my sister & her kids too ... muahahahahaha ..... When we visit her last week we brought a dozen donut (which we ate 4 donuts on the left 8 hehee) .. anyway... which type of donut are you...??

The Grean Teaser -Green Tea Donut ... Sadapppp

Mango Tango (A's Fav)

Mango Tango oso ..

Can't remember what it is called but looks like baby vomit kan?

Whatever lah.. but still taste nice woorr

Plain Donut .. can put any flavour u want

(Sounds familiar.. hehehe)

Almond Donut (another a's fav)

Bananarama (Phoebe's fav , because she loves banana & chocolate - so this is the combination )

Blueberry Donut

(Ashley's Fav)


(Phoebe's no 1 addict)

Oreo - A bit sweet but niceee...

emm.. one of P & A fav too ..Got almond nuts ...

Can't remember the name .. Its white Chocolate

Strawberry ?

Macam donut yg biasa di kadai kan? Tapi ni sadappp .. hehe

I think they use Vanilla Icing Sugar

Plain donut again ...

So don't you feel like eating donut today .. Well I am ! tee hee hee ...

Its Winnie The Poohhhhhh ....

Heii .. i thought this is only pooh's collection ... how come got taz & bayau there .. ?

Hahahaha .. yesss this is my pooh collections ... And this is only half of it .. I got a lot more in the store room (Safely inside the box waiting for the new owner (Phoebe) to take them out...)
I promise Phoebe that she can take all the Pooh when she have her own room ....
well , we are now in the process of "transferring" her to the next room .. slowly ... hehe

Our trip to Labuan

We went to Labuan on the 18th April for Isaac's Christening Day. Well almost everybody ask me .. "why Labuan? Why not somewhere else ..?" Hmmm...there are 2 reasons for that .. 1- Because I wanted my BIL to be the God-Pa for Isaac and 2) AM needs to get far away from KK ...(teeheehee .. and mee too ) We took the Ferry from Jesselton Point at 8 am . Wow! Phoebe was soo excited to go up the boat ...... Anyway, it was a 3 hours journey from KK .. So in the beginning it was fun .. but half way the kids are really bored so they dozed off... (and mama too .. except for dada who is still wide awake watching Zorro ..)

We reach Labuan around 11 noon .. and if you ask me to describe Labuan I only have 1 word .. that is "Hot" . Yup! the weather was very hot .... We took a cab to Financial Park, and yes .. that's the only Shopping Complex they have there ...kasian kan and had lunch at the food court. After Lunch we headed straight home .. We didn't do much on Friday .. except that we went to the church to met up with Jimmy & Thomas .. the clerk who was supposed to arranged the Baptism (hehe .. just to make sure that Isaac's name is listed for the baptism since we & the god-pa didn’t manage to attend the briefing -- in other word "Lazy")

Isaac's baptism was on the next day Saturday, 19th April at 9am. We reach the church that morning exactly at 9am ... (after soo much nagging and "hurry up, we dowan to be late..." well if u know the Ukang's .. hehehe.. Excuses being late!) Anyway we have to wait for almost 45 mins because the priest was not feeling well. Kasian Fr Tung .. According to the Sister.. Fr Tung was having his asthma attack ... poor Priest . I think he is too old .. I was soo surprised when the staff told me that this is the first time Labuan has a Resident Priest . I was rather scared that if the baptism was cancelled that day .. Because I’m not sure either I will be able to attend the next baptism .. But luckily they have a replacement. A nun , Sister Mary Germaine Angkangon (I think I got her name right...) who happen to be my mom's 2nd cousin.. This is Isaac’s Nenek Sister (hehehe... ) to do the baptism. And now I'm relief because .. he has been baptized ! And poor boy .. since the ceremony has been dragging from morning till noon .. He was soo exhausted and fell asleep ...even when the nun blessed him with the holy water he didn’t even wake up.. kasian my baby!

After the Baptism we went to have brunch somewhere in town .. the food was okie and consider cheap too .And in the evening we went to visit my friend, Ladd at his home in Bukit Kuda (mau minta special gate pass .. teeheehee Thanks Ladd!). Actually my BIL told us that we can take the car and have a drive round the island .. because he said in 2 hours time u can pusing the whole island .. But no thanks .. we are not interested ! Anyway we brought the kids (hehehe .. only 2 actually Angel & Phoebe) to visit the Botanical Garden that evening ... The Garden was so empty ... deserted .. but clean . Only a few people went to jog there .. But it’s a nice place actually .. I wonder why the Labuan folks didn’t go there ... Maybe because of the dog grave? yaaa .. they have a dog grave in the middle of the park. Why? I dunno ... maybe the dog name is Labuan .. After the park we went to find Phoebe's birthday cake ..(because we promise her that she will be celebrating her birthday with her cousin, Jonathan) . We went to southern Cake House .. but they don’t have much choice tho' .. Anyway the kids still happy because they get to eat a cake . AM & me was thinking to play a prank on the kids .. so we bought a magic candle .. which they wrote there it won’t blow off no matter how u blows... But very surprisingly.. Phoebe & Jonathan managed to blow the candle .... (ahahahaha and of course all of their saliva is on the cake already ..) hehehe ..

The next day we went to buy the drinks & chocolates.. hehehe I only got 2 small bottle of Vodka for myself .. not really into liquor nowadays ..(teda kawan minum bah..) but I do do do love the chocolates... Was planning to take the 1.30 pm Labuan - KK Ferry .. But AM changed his mind so instead of ferry we took the speedboat to Menumbok . The journey was fine .. it was Wyatt's first trip ...glad he was ok along the way. Before the journey home we went to Labuan International Sea Sports Complex. They were actually having a Labuan Sea Festival that day .. so we supposed to met Ladd (he was still in the race .. tug-of-boats ) so while waiting for him we went around to see the Museum of marine Biology ... Later after that we went to the port to say goodbye to everybody and took the speedboat home to menumbok. From Menumbok we took a Private Car to KK .. So we reach KK safely around 5pm... Wow! that was a very long journey for the kids .. And right after taking their bath that evening both of them went to sleep until the next morning .. poor baby! Too exhausted ... hehehe

All in all... it was a nice trip to Labuan!
Enjoy the photos ..

Friday, April 25, 2008

Have U Ever .... ?

I have a few Qs ...

Have you ever ....

1) Shouted at your kids just because you are in foul mood?

2) Spank your kids because they are being naughty ?

3) Lock your child in a room because they won't listen to you ?

4) Punish them because they broke something ...(ur fav mug maybe?)

Or have your kids ever ....

1) throughly embarrassed you in a public space?

2) Compared u with other people ... (teacher or their friends' parents )

So .. am i a wicked mum ?

I read something like this in the internet ...

"Spanking exposes children to violence. Learning comes through example. Spanking is an aggressive act, showing children their parents acting in an out-of-control manner "

Ya meh ? hmmm ... dunno . So what if the children show temper tantrums right in front of everybody ? and they said this ...

"Remain calm and do not argue with the child. Before you manage the child, you must manage your own behavior. Spanking or yelling at the child will make the tantrum worse.Think before you act. Count to 10 (hmmm .. i think i can only count up to 3 i am still boiling mad..) and then think about the source of the child’s frustration, this child’s characteristic temperamental response to stress (hyperactivity, distractibility, moodiness), and the predictable steps in the escalation of the temper tantrum. "

Goshh .. reminds me of the movie 'Anger Management" ...

So how do other parents handle a temper tantrum kid?

How can I deal with my own anger ?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's ur specialty?

My friend told me this story (joke) during our lunch time yesterday .. I don't know either its true story or not .. but its very funny lorrr...

They ( A couple - Bf & Gf) were staying in a 5 star hotel in Langkawi ..

Gf was hungry and she called up room service (RS) .

GF : Hi Room service, I would like to order some food.

RS : Sure, may I take ur order ma'am

GF : Ya .. may I know what your specialty is?

RS : Specialty ? .... errmmmmm... please hold on ...

GF : Ok ...

-----------------Hold the line for few seconds -------------------------

The Manager (RSM) is called to the phone

RSM : Yes Ma'am, how can I help you?

GF : Ya .. I would like to know what your hotel’s specialty is.

RSM : Specialty ?------------Long pause ----------Ma'am...I regret to inform you that we don't have any specialty.. all we have is normal Tea.

GF slam down the phone .............

Hahahahaha .. stupid right ? Veryyy...

The story reminds me of my own experience during our visit to KL . It was during our honeymoon, we took MAS flight ...1st class ticket (thanks to MIL ....) So during our flight the attendant was kind enough to ask us if we need anything .. so Hubby & I was curious if they serve liquor during flight .. So we ask the stewardess if they have Irish Coffee ... and after few min she came back to us and said... "Sorry we don't have Irish Coffee .. we only have Local Coffee and tea ..". I almost burst laughing ... When the stewardess left .. me n hubby laughed until our tears rolled out ... They are no less different than the normal Waiter/waitresses at kedai kopi or kedai Mamak...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Random Pix ...

Latest Photo of the kids with Moing & Lola at Tawau Res.
Pix taken during CNY 2008
(Its really hard to get all the kids take photo at one time .. *sigh*)
Sisterly love ...

Lil Isaac Wyatt
He's so adorable .. (but he looks ugly when he cries...funny!)

Phoebe with Dad

Visiting Monsopiad with Hubby Cuzs, Eleanor & Friend

The Kids at the Sandakan Hotel .. Swimming time
From L-R : Niell,Nicole,Ashley &Scott ... hmm somebody is missing .. Trevor

During CNY 2004 Family Trip to Sandakan
Still Pregnant with Phoebe tho' ... (ehh kaki jalan )

White Wafter Rafting with The Hubby & Friends
Can't remember when

CNY 2004 in Sandakan Temple
Still pregnant with Phoebe ...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My First Post

Finally ... after some encouragement from The Hubby I finally decided to make my own blog .. (instead of reading other people's blog...) So I will try to update my blog as often as i can ... yay...Anyway, just got back from Labuan for Lil'Wyatt Christening Day .. so still a bit tired from the long journey. Will update soon on trip to Labuan with the kids ....
Till then ...