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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Merdeka Hols

Last school holiday, Phoebe went to Tawau to visit her cuzzies. She was very excited about her trip and I was actually a bit worried if she started to miss or look for one of us. Anyway the first few days was fine until on Thursday when she started to look for me.

We went back to Tawau on the Merdeka weekends. It was a very short holiday, so we didn't plan to go anywhere or do anything. So, we just stay at home,except for dh, he went to play paintball with his friends on our last day there. On Saturday we went to have a makan-makan dinner at Promenade with the whole gang (well..makan is always the main agenda in the family). The food is quiet ok but not as good as KK lah ...

So I'm just gonna post some of the photos taken during the dinner @ promenade

Ok lah ... that's all..* I actually have no idea what to write anymore since i have not been blogging for a while ... oh well, I think i will cope with that soon...anyway, just to update, lately I've been busy doing my baking. Since this is my first time baking cookies, so I was thinking it is better for me to start early to practise so by the time Xmas is here ... my cookies will be perfect! (kunun lah....) Finally i have found my passion... hehehe, Its time for me to start practising my 2nd recipe .... *

Will Update soon~ish!! *


Finally, our family photo..taken for Phoebe's school project

Phoebe & Wyatt

The Ladies in da' house (ermmm..except for that lil'boy)

Isaac Wyatt @ 2 yo

The Powerpuff Girls!