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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Short Update

I have been neglecting my blog (again) because I'm soooo addicted with FB! (Blame on those people who invite me to play all those farming games aaahh)

And I actually have lots of pixies to be uploaded (but first edited...) hehe

And I need to change my blog layout ....

And I haven't reply any of my friends message ....sigh

Anyway, I'll be back to blogging world sooonnnn!!! *Finger-Cross*

Till then, I need to catch some ZZZzzz now.... c ya!

Sneak Preview ....

The Kids

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 days and counting...

Day 3 - Isaac is asleep now. He had asthma attack 2 days ago on the way to school. Poor kid. He was wheezing badly. Had to bring him for nebulizer at DMC. He was a bit better after that, and 3 other nurses + yours truly tried to keep him still.

The only time he would be given his inhaler is when he's asleep. 6 puffs and he won't even realised it.

Opps... his porridge is almost done.

Sleep tight kid. :)