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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo Update

During Phoebe's Birthday at McDonald Api-Api 

Isaac & Cookie Monster at USS

The Ukang's, photo taken during mum's birthday last year at Kundasang Ranau

And Finally, Yours Truly...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It has been years since my last post. It is partially due to I have totally forgotten my password to my gmail a/c, then I have to resolve by using dh a/c instead! Smart eh?

Anyway, time goes by , faster than Air Asia. Without I even realize, Phoebe is now 9 YO & Isaac is coming to 6YO already. Phewww… I guess it is time for me to catch my breath, slow down and start writing my blog again.

Just last month we celebrated Phoebe’s 9YO birthday. We decided to give her a “big” celebration at Mcdonald Api-Api instead of the usual “cake cutting ceremony” at home with her brother. Let me tell you one thing, Children party is not easy. It was a headache and really tiring. Throughout the party all I can hear is only screaming and laughing. But I’m glad everyone enjoying themselves including Isaac. Phoebe have put a special thought to her brother and invited one of her friend’s brother, so Isaac doesn’t feel left out cos phoebe’s guest is all girls!

It is almost end of May now, so the kids are soooo looking forward for the holidays. My in laws will be in town, so does my siblings from Labuan. I will post some photos, soon…till then, bye!

Yours Faithfully,