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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My trip to Mengalum Island - 27 Aug 2008

The white Sandy beaches ....

Just arrive ... going for a walk

The one & only restaurant they have here ... But they have a bar with a karaoke player woorr ...

In one of the chalet .. the living room (err ..ya there is no TV ok, but who needs TV??)

In one of the room ... (Furniture still new altho' they have open for business for almost 2 years now)

Too tired to walk ... resting in one of the chalet balcony

Nice blue water on a hot sunny day, good for swimming ...

At the jetty ..before going home

Bye bye sandy beachhhhh ....

Small Note : The 2 people not supposed to be in the photo ... It was supposed to be a "work trip" but we ended up jalan2 only ... haha

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Phoebe First Hair Cut !

Hubby cut Phoebe's hair last nite for the very first time...ever! Hehehe we never cut her hair since she was born ... that was about 4 years 4 months 2 weeks & 3 days ago! Few days ago I complain to hub saying that Phoebe's hair is "too long" already and very difficult to comb every morning. So I told her that I will bring her to the saloon and have a hair cut. But since it was her first time ( maybe she freak out... who knows kan??) so she insist that either me or hubby have to cut her hair ..Oh my! So finally hubs decided to do it .. haha didn't manage to take photo also. I was a bit scared if she would not have all those fringe again ..but luckily after I dry her hair last nite was still as before, only shorter! and curly as ever which the Mummy envy very much... aiiieeee

Isaac's 1st Birthday

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

We went back to Tawau for a short holidays last week. Have a small birthday-eve party at SIL house and the next day went to spend a night at Shan Shui Golf Resort. It was fun and the kids enjoying themselves too .... Was supposed to blog about this last week but I am superly duperly lazy ... hehe anyway Internet line very sloooowww! was trying to upload pixies since we came back and it's not finished yet!! So for more stories please read here .....

Oh ya .. for Isaac's birthday cake, we order cupcakes from deana. When the cake arrive last saturday I was shocked because it was not like what I want ..but when I double check my order, whooopsiee! it's my fault.. I order the wrong one. Anyway it still taste & look nice to me .. so no worry Deana .. hehe

And FIL also bake another cake for Isaac ... Thanks ya! and for Wendy who took hours to decorate the cake ....teeheeheee

So I'm just going to put some pixies here okie .... Enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am getting really annoyed today. Why? Because I've been receiving a few calls since last sat asking me all sorts of WH q's (eg.. why do...?, how come ...? since when...? ...and etc). I am not sure why do people are so interested to know about someone personal life when they are no longer living in our world! (maksudnya mati lah bah ....!!)I thought we were supposed to remember only the "nice thing" about he/she??? So, why bother?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Got a text msg this morning from my brother saying that Patrick William, our family friend and also our neighbour has passed away at his residence in Membakut.

To the Shen's Family

Our thoughts and prayers are with you

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
Love leaves a memory no one can steal

Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss
Our thoughts are with all of you during this difficult time

Rest in peace

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Reach KK around noon today, straight home & dozed of too sleep.... too tired with the journey home I guess.. Had a mixed feeling .. soo happy to be home, in my own bed (and my stinky blanky...hehe) and yet still have that sad feeling since everyone is in Tawau ...huhu

Went to 1Borneo to watch Wall-E with Phoebe just now and had dinner there too. Will post photo soon so wait lah ahhh .. (when I have the mood ….)

Time to sleep ...nitey! xoxoxo

Friday, August 15, 2008

Balik Kampoooonngggggg!!!

Heeeepppp heeeeepppp hoooorayyyyyy!!!!

Balik kampung ...woooohooohooo ... balik kampung .......hati rindu !!

Yep! I am already in my holiday mood. (So lazy to work ... gosh! if my boss happen to read this I'm dead man!) yyaaaaatttaaattaaaaaaa .....

But one thing I hate ... packing!! Duhhhh... hub has reminded me to do the parking over & over & over ..........and for the 100 time I said Yesss! I will do it!! (*I guess I have to do it tonite.....*)

And I have to remind myself again , to clean the house before we go for holiday... aiyahhhh ! and I still have 2 basket of clothes to be iron & fold .... Arrrrgghhhhhhhhh!!!! Lazyyyyyy me!!!! Gosh so many things to do yet so little time ....

And oh ya ... Yippeeeee!!! I manage to sew my own baby sling!!! Will try to improvise it again .... not now lah too lazy to take out the sewing machine ...

So I won't be posting anything until I come back to KK , because PIL's hse dont have streamyx connection. Anyway if they do, still streamyx in Tawau really sucks!!!!


Small Note to myself : cook dinner tonite,clean the kitchen, vacuum the floor, do laundry, iron & fold the clothes, mop the floor, and most of all packing !!! By the time I finish all this I will be exhausted... no time for blogging tonite....duhhhh!!)

Malaysian Grey's Anatomy ..or ER ?

Grey's Anatomy - The Original (& Urang putih) Version


Our local ..."Ampang Medikal"

So if you guys are bored watching the "Bawang Merah Bawang Putih" or whatever local drama on local tele .... check it out guys!! Our very own Grey's Anatomy Malaysian version, but of course minus all the steamy & hot scene .... AMPANG MEDIKAL .. wooohooooo!!!

So this is my own reviews on The NST reviews abt the Ampang Medikal ....

The main character, Dr Siti (Rusdiana Rusdi) = really sounds like Meredith because always in dilemma ....ciss!

Dr Jeffery(Fadzlie Rahim) = the handsome and yet womanizer doctor, a bit like Derek Shepherd aka Mcdreamy huh? or was it Mcsteamy...???

Dr Melisa (Julia Ziegler) = Funky & bubbly personality ..Duhhh!! another "Izzie" ?? I hope she's not blonde ...hehe

Well since they haven't play it on tele .. I guess I just wait for this 13 episodes drama then. And you judge yourself whether its a truly malaysian drama which they claims it involves in the life of doctors & patients in Malaysia or is it just a "copy" of the Grey's Anatomy. Wait!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ya ..Excuse me but back off ya! How do you want to say this to strangers politely??

Well the story is like this …

Last night my family & I went to have dinner at one of our usual makan place (Restaurant) .. So like usual when we were busy eating Piggy will be looking and playing around (sort of entertaining himself while I feed him) So suddenly these 2 ladies next to our table start to play with saac.. which at first I don’t mind. But when they start to hold his hand & cheek .. I was like … "HEYYYYY stop touching my baby ok!!!!and back off please!!" Do you like total strangers to touch your kids?? Well Me, I hate it! But how to say it politely?? I don’t mind if families or friends holding my baby ,but if I don’t know your name & I have no slightest idea about who you are then I won’t hesitate to say “hands off my baby!”. Why don’t people use their common sense …children tend to put their hands in their mouths so Please do not touch his hands nor his face lah.

There is also an incident where the shop owner & the workers try to carry Isaac and Hubby quickly picks him up and brings him for a walk …fuhhh!!!

Small note : wanted to post this entry last night, but when we reach home I was so tired that I fall asleep while watching TV with Phoebe…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rude Awakening

Having the little ones sleeping with us is sometimes fun. Looking at them while they are asleep makes you wonder what is running in those tiny little head of theirs.... are they dreaming? what are they dreaming about? milk? toys? porridge? hmmm... it makes you wonder, don't they?

The only downside is when yours truly has a very sensitive nose for the smell.... (sniff sniff)... what's that smell..... awwww..... Piggy! ... He left something in his diaper again tonite... sleeping Winnie the Pooh is cute, ...sleeping with poo-poo is not!

I don't mind with the washing & cleaning up in the wee hours, it's just that I pity when Piggy has to be up too.....

One of the trick I've been using to make sure that Piggy doesn't wake up too long during the ordeal, was to keep a warm bottle of milk at hand.... so I took Piggy out from the bedroom and into the bathroom, cleaned him up, brought him to the living room and plugged him with his night cap.... You can see him with his confused wide opened eye looking around the room, thinking:

"Huh?... How did I landed here butt naked?.... What's Dad doing at the bathroom? What's this in my mouth? ohhh... milk... okie.... yumm yumm yumm...."

Once done cleaning him up, back to the bedroom for us.... if I'm lucky he will be straight to wonderland... if I'm not, well I might be up with him, blogging tonight....

Piggy: ".... psst Dad,.... can we go to sleep? NOW I'm sleepy.. '

Dad: "Huh? Sleepy, eh? .... too bad... since I can't sleep
now, you have to accompany me watching the Olympics"

Piggy (yawn): "Okie.... I'll just ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..."

Yupp.... that's my boy.... can't wait for his 1-year old birthday next week...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese School VS Kebangsaan School

Phoebe will be starting her Kindy next year so I haven't decided which school to send her ...yet! I would really love to send her to St Francis Convent. Not that I want her to be "another convent girl", hey I was a convent girl also ya ... only in my primary lah! But because it is nearer to my office place & to her after-school care.

I heard a lot of people saying that Kebangsaan school is not good because they are not strict enough, compare to the Chinese school. But a few of my friends also said that Chinese School really "suck-blood" like leaches .... So I am totally confused! My friends said Chinese school used to torture your kids like giving them a lot of homeworks and etc so the kids will have no time for other thing , than study study and study ...(my, how dull is their life kan??)

So I consider this matter as a very Important to me , I would like to know all of you mummies out there why did u choose Chinese or kebangsaan school for your kids? Is there really any difference after all? Do you regret your choice? Thanks Mummiesss!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Intrusion of Privacy... a.k.a. Share-Share mah....

Imagine this....

You're enjoying your nice evening soak in the warm water while minding your own business....

Suddenly, someone rush into your bathroom, screaming, "I want to ok-ok*!!!", and immediately sat on the toilet bowl.... staring at the intruder, you're speechless, profounded or thinking "what the....???"

What would be your next reaction?
  1. Just ignore the intruder, mind your own business and continue with what you were doing
  2. Shout out likewise, "Hey! My personnal time.... GET OUT!!"
  3. Pretend you did not know that what happened.... (yeah, I would like to see you pretend on that!)
Well, as for Piggy, he opt no.1 + confusion.... what happened??? I thought Dad gave me the toilet for the evening.... sheessshhh.... MOM!!!!!!!!!!

What happened was, Piggy just finished his bath and was playing in the pail with his toothbrush.... (yup, I normally put him in there WITH SUPERVISION of course), when his sister rushed in to do her thingy..... The look on his face was "WHA.....???" look at the sister, look at me, look at Mom, look at sister (again), look at me (again), look at Mom (again), look at toothbrush, continue with his own business....

Mom eventually moved him nearer to the door....

Well, mental note to Piggy: Lock door when next taking a bath.

* kid's words for pass-motion

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is 8.8.08 which is considered as one of the luckiest day ever by Chinese.The Chinese believe that 8 is a number that brings both wealth and good fortune, even the pronunciation of the number 8 in Cantonese and Mandarin is similar to that of the word prosperity. (I should have wear a red dress today to work so who knows I might get lucky? hehehehe ...)

But Lucky 8 is not for China this year. I'm having doubts that the year 2008 will bring any luck to them altho' there were high hopes for the year 2008 because Beijing will be hosting the prestigious summer Olympics. Especially after last month devastating earthquakes -- one of the worst in China's modern history -- and the snowstorms that crippled most of the country earlier this year, as well as the riots and unrest in Tibetan areas. There's a rumours saying that this year is a disaster year and that maybe the Olympics won't go smoothly. Two of China's top athletes, hurdler Liu Xiang and basketball player Yao Ming, are injured, and some Chinese are saying that this is further proof that the number eight may be jinxed. (by Lord Voldermort maybe ..hehe)

Anyway as I know the Olympic Games will be starting to kick-off today, on the luckiest day of the year. And people rushing to get married too! Speaking of wedding , my childhood friend, used to be my best buddy ever is getting married today. Well she did invite me tho' but since I can't get leave from work so I'm not attending her Wedding Mass today (so sad!!). We used to be best friend last time, we share a lot of things .. from our happy & sad time, our ups & downs, gossiping & shopping and all the things that girlies do! we even work in a same company, until ......??? I can't really remember the real reason, but friendship just stop like that. Why do relationship turn awry?? why???? **benggonnggg...(Confuse..)

Anyway , I do wish the newly wed couple Congratulations & hope you have a happy year ahead ... !! (and usual comments from Asian people..."Hope you have lots & lots & lots of children so you can join the club ...hahahahahahaha) I'm bad... :p

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blogger Award!

Yayyyyy! Just recently I was talking about who is the famous blogger in Sabah ..and Joann has awarded me with this ..hehehehe so lucky meh?? Thanks Joann for the award! hehehehe ...

It has been done according to the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog. (ahakkksss ... Winner??me??hehe ..dont copy this word ya..)
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

And now I am going to pass this beautiful Blogger Award to those bloggers whom I frequently visit .. (because they always make my day......) :

5. Ian's

Monday, August 4, 2008

Piggy has no milk today ...

I got a phone call from Piggy's teacher this morning. They ran out of milk!! Aiyohhhh ... So I asked the teacher (nicely lah ...) why the school didn't inform me earlier and they said they already "inform" me (woorr..) on Thursday. Am I nyanyok again?? So I text Hub (see if he can remember also..) and he said "None"... Fuhh nasib!Aiyoohhh .... pity my Piggy! So at the moment Piggy Boy have to "borrow" some milk from his friends ... until mummy send some more milk to school.

p.s Wyatt got 4 teeth already.. yay very fast kan!

Who is the famous blogger in Sabah?

I was actually browsing thru' the net this morning to look for any review by those who attended the Sabahan Blogger Gathering on the 2nd August 2008. So I accidentally found one of the blogger (hmm not sure whether he was attending or not ..) where he wrote that the event was too long (like 4.5 hours??) with no "Special appearance" by anybody. And he was asking like "Who is the famous bloggers in Sabah?" Which made me think ... ya who is so famous in Sabah that he/she has a hit about 20,000 in a day! (got meh?)

Is there really any person out there who really blog for living?? I mean totally doing nothing except for blogging??? I have a few favourite bloggers, whom I would loved to vote for "Sabah Best Bloggers" ..(If they ever have that award/title)

p.s If next year they have the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering ..I am Definitely going to join !! Yess!!! I am very new at this so still 'shy-shy" lah want to join all those pro-blogersssss.... hehe next time ya...