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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Day @ Bunga Raya Island Resort

Last Mother's Day we went to Bunga Raya Island Resort & SPA. It was actually a family day organise by dh's office. We had an advantage that day since it was empty, no guest check in till late afternoon so it was not crowded. The kids was so excited about the trip.

The ride from Jesselton Point to the island itself took about 45mins.It was a long trip but it was worth it.Bunga Raya has the nicest beach in KK so far, and of course with crystal clear water! And they have a 5-Star facilities there. And the best thing they have is they Ice Room! (the opposite of the sauna room!) I didn't get to try the SPA (of course, restricted for house guest only! hehe). So, enjoy the photos..

Half way ...Isaac not feeling well

Captain ~ with his assistant AKA pengacau

Lil Isaac ~ poor boy, not feeling well

The Staff ~ waiting for our arrival
The good thing about working in a Resort @ Island ... u can wear a Tee Shirt with Bermuda Short Pants to work! isn't that nice?? buli pakai flip flops to work lagi !

Relaxing ~ before the games begin

The GM for both Bunga Raya & Gayana Island Resort - welcoming speech
In his speech he was saying : "Its great to have everybody here today ..and bla bla bla ..later on we will have to do some housekeeping and maintenance of the chalet ....... " and everyone laugh

And the games begin ...

Isaac loves the sand

The Food

Kids @ Hammock

Isaac with DaD

Buggy Ride ..

and taaadaaaa!!!!! The 8k chalet (per nite)

1. Large bathroom with Jacuzzi , sweet eh?with windows all around? but no worry u are in a jungle remember?? only the monkeys will peep

2) Mini Bar! but only mineral water (which was not included in the mini bar) is FOC

3)this is the 2nd room.... forgot to take photo of the main room, anyway main concern is type of linen for bedding is Frette Linens..?? U have any idea of that? supposed to be the most & top expensive linen mainly used for outstanding hotels

4)Satelite TV with 32" LCD TV & DVD system

5) Last but not least amenities
and actually they have a walk in closet (for main room) with bath robes! siok or not leh?

8k per nite,ehh? Phewwww


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